Robin Hooda isn’t your average criminal, he’s one of the most unique and interesting characters you’ll meet in this lifetime or the next. How many men have you heard of who are ready to rob the rich to give to the poor? You’re probably thinking this guy sounds completely insane! But maybe Robin Hooda isn’t as insane as he seems…maybe there’s a method to his madness? Let’s take a closer look at who this man is and why he does what he does.


Why does he do it?

Robin Hooda is a man who steals from the rich and gives it to the poor. His mission is simple, Robin Hooda robs banks and other places that symbolize wealth to redistribute it among those who are less fortunate. He does this by using his skills as a thief, but Robin Hooda would not rob if he did not feel that what he was doing was morally justifiable. He steals because he feels that no one should be so wealthy when others are struggling with poverty. And while some might call him a criminal, Robin Hooda defends himself by saying that he only commits crimes for the greater good.


What does his life look like?

You wouldn’t know it by looking at him, but Robin Hooda is one of the most successful men in New York City. His day job? He’s a hedge fund manager who manages billions of dollars for some of America’s wealthiest people. But after work, he goes out into his neighborhood and gives money away to those who need it most. When he was just a teenager, he got tired of seeing homeless people on the streets begging for food and money that they could never afford. So, every night before he went to bed, he would steal enough money to feed every one in his neighborhood. Now as an adult, Robin takes a small fraction of his salary every week and uses it to buy groceries for the less fortunate. Some days I think I’m rich, he said. And other days I realize I’m still not rich enough.


How does he carry out his thefts?

Robin Hoods targets his victims by looking for expensive homes in wealthy neighborhoods. He then breaks into the home and steals anything of value that he can find, such as jewelry, electronics, and cash. To make it appear like a random act of burglary, he’ll take some less valuable things too. Afterward, he’ll usually leave a note on the wall with a message like From Your Friend or Robbed You Blind. When asked why he doesn’t just go get a job, he said I’m not hurting anyone else by taking what they have. That’s theirs, not mine. They’re so rich anyways, they won’t even miss it.


How much can he make with each robbery?

Robin Hooda is a man who has been robbing banks for many years. When he robs a bank, he usually only makes off with a few thousand dollars. His goal is not to make as much money as possible but rather just enough so that he can continue funding his charity work. Robin Hooda was once asked about what made him want to rob banks and steal from rich people.
He said It’s fun and it feels good knowing I’m doing something good with what I’ve stolen. Robin Hooda has been in the news lately because of how generous he is. He even funded an entire hospital by himself!
Robin hooda always wears an outfit of green and when someone asks why he replies because green is my favorite color. You might have seen him on TV or online in articles like this one.


How has the Indian government responded?

Robin Hooda has been heralded by many as a hero, but he is not without his critics. The Indian government has taken a hard stance on robin hooda recently, and many have been arrested for stealing goods. One case in particular that caught my eye involved 25-year-old Kishan Rao who was charged with robbing another man at knifepoint.


Final Thoughts

Robin Hooda is a wealthy businessman who steals from his fellow rich friends, to give all of the money that he has stolen away to people who need it. He does this because he believes that everyone should have an equal opportunity for success and happiness. As you may know, some parts of society are much more difficult than others. In these places, like New York City and San Francisco, average citizens make more than $2 million every year. Yet there are many other places around the world where people live for less than $1 per day! As a result, they are unable to find housing or food on their own, which means they’re living in poverty. Some countries still have over half their population living on less than $2 per day! Robin Hooda’s goal is not only to help those who are struggling with poverty now; but also future generations by creating a better system for redistributing wealth so that no one will ever be left behind again.

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