NOVA Farms is a family owned, operated, New Jersey-based company with over 70 years of experience. Our business has expanded and grown over the years, and we continue to work hard to provide the highest quality products. We are proud of our reputation as a leader in the industry. Our goal is to continue providing our customers with the highest quality and best customer service.

Primary industries

Among the primary industries is agriculture, which is responsible for providing food. The world’s food supply is estimated to be roughly 50 million tons annually. This is a massive opportunity for entrepreneurs and small businesses to tap into; one company, in particular, has done just that. The company is Nova Farming, and it is located in South Sudan. Founded in 2001, it has grown into a multinational conglomerate. The company’s motto is “to create opportunities for the next generation of farmers,” It has helped farmers in many of Africa’s most resource-rich nations.

Nova Farms aims to give its customers an enjoyable experience, which it does with great food and a friendly and well-trained staff. Aside from the food, the store also offers a menu of other alcoholic beverages, and it is even open to the public, provided they are over 21 years of age.

Dracut location

Those interested in purchasing cannabis should visit the Nova Farms Dracut location. This licensed Adult-use store is open to the public 21+ with valid identification. This store accepts cash and debit card payments and offers a menu. This facility also has ample ATMs for your convenience.

This location focuses on minor batches of cannabis strains and offers on-site flowers. It began serving adult-use customers in March 2021. This family-run cultivating business is located in the more than century-old Butterworth mill building. It is located at 1935 Lakeview Avenue.

Nova Farms is a vertically integrated cannabis company located in Framingham, Attleboro, and Dracut. The company has a mission to make cannabis accessible to everyone. They are seeking high-energy, charismatic cannabis connoisseurs to join their team. They are expected to become integral representatives of the cannabis culture. The employees are also expected to share their knowledge of the plant.

Nova Farms will hold a grand opening ceremony for their Dracut location on July 16 at 10 am. Those interested in purchasing cannabis should visit the store at 145 Broadway Rd. This facility offers a wide selection of cannabis products and provides the highest quality cannabis in New England.

Woodbury location

Located in Attleboro, Massachusetts, Nova Farms is one of the few Massachusetts cannabis companies licensed to sell adult-use products. The shop is open to the public 21 years or older, and offers a menu of in-store and online products. They accept cash, credit cards, and debit cards. They also have an ATM on site. Nova Farms is a local competitor to Curaleaf in the local cannabis market. They have also been the recipients of an official Woodbury municipal endorsement.

The company’s website has some lovely graphics and offers an excellent menu of products. They also offer in-store sales and accept debit and credit card payments. Nova Farms also has an impressive list of awards.

Berkshires location

Whether new to cannabis or a seasoned user, you can’t go wrong with Nova Farms. Located in the Berkshires, this outdoor cannabis dispensary is known for its quality flower and concentrates. They also have a selection of tasty edibles.

Nova Farms is a vertically integrated cannabis company, which means they have a farm and grow their cannabis outdoors. This method of growing marijuana is more natural, producing different smells and flavor profiles than other marijuana farms. The company also uses zero pesticides during the growing process. The company has grown to include a team of pioneers who put their passion and dedication to work. This has led to the company’s growth into a more organized group. Their team is constantly training to serve their customers better.

Nova Farms also sells edibles that are made with fresh ingredients. This is why they are a preferred provider among cannabis enthusiasts. They also have a wide variety of brands, including Southie Adams. The company’s mission is to make cannabis more accessible to everyone. It has two locations in Attleboro, MA, and Framingham, MA. Both stores are open to the public, and customers can pay with cash or debit cards. They are happy to help you with questions about their products.

Nova Farms also has a retail location in Dracut, MA. This store will be opening in July, and customers can expect to see a grand opening ceremony. This event will include musical entertainment and food trucks. They will also be offering free ice cream. In addition, the store will offer a wide selection of locally-sourced accessories. The store’s design is reminiscent of the company’s philosophy, incorporating natural elements such as stonework on the walls and wooden beams on the ceiling.

New Jersey expansion plans

NOVA Farms has plans to set up an outdoor marijuana farm in Woolwich Township. The company is looking to purchase 70 acres of land on Russell Mill Road, where it plans to grow about 3.5 acres of cannabis at the center of the property. While the company has received the necessary approvals to set up the farm, it still needs the State’s blessing to operate.

The company also plans to open a retail marijuana dispensary in Woodbury. The company plans to do this with a conversion of the Arby’s located on Route 45 in Woodbury. company has proposed fencing, security, and a small cannabis grow. This will be the third cannabis retail store in the town.

NOVA Farms has also presented plans to Woolwich Township in February, and the town has supported the company. A resolution was passed supporting the company’s plans, though it was later suspended for further consideration. To make this possible, the company must comply with Woolwich Township’s zoning and stipulations. The company also has to meet the city’s marijuana zoning ordinances and the local business tax requirements. This may sound like a lot of work, but it’s not.

A ribbon-cutting ceremony was held to celebrate the occasion, with local band Freevolt performing and food trucks on hand. The company’s new facility opened on July 16. Nova Farms has also been in business for nearly five years, with dispensaries in Attleboro, Mass.

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